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New git repo for 2.6.39

Thursday, 14/Jul/2011

RSBAC has been successfully ported to, you find a new git repo at http://git.rsbac.org. Please test it and report so that we can make a new release soon.

New enhanced maintainer

Friday, 20/May/2011

After having no enhanced kernels (with PaX and RSBAC) for a while, we now have Marcos <natashell at rsbac dot org> as new maintainer of enhanced kernels. Thanks a lot for your help!

Here is his list announcement:

It’s a big pleasure for me announce you that there is a new “Enhaced Kernel” which include RSBAC-1.4.5 and PaX test-24. This one is available from:


It compiles fine and I think it is working fine also.

Hope you can test it and get your feedback about it.

2.6.38 git repo

Friday, 20/May/2011

We also have a git repo for 2.6.38 at http://git.rsbac.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=linux-2.6.38.y.git;a=summary

2.6.38 is not long term supported by official kernel, but 2.6.39 has significant changes in some APIs, so porting RSBAC to 2.6.39 will take a while.

GIT organisation

Wednesday, 23/February/2011

The GIT repository management has been changed. This is the new layout:

linux-2.6-next.git Follows Linus’s linux-2.6.git and includes RSBAC unstable
linux-2.6.git Follows Linus’s linux-2.6.git and includes RSBAC stable
linux-2.6.35.y.git Follows the Long Term Support branch for 2.6.35 and includes RSBAC stable
linux-2.6.32.y.git Follows the Long Term Support branch for 2.6.32 and includes RSBAC stable
linux-2.6-old.git For reference purpose only, this repository is read-only and should not be used

We might eventually add more LTS1) branches as kernel.org adds them, of course.

Please note that we have some documentation on how to use these GIT repositories (for developers and users alike), in case you have questions.

RSBAC 1.4.5 Errata

Monday, 21/February/2011

As you may have noticed, our tarball for the RSBAC admin tool version 1.4.5 on http://download.rsbac.org/code/1.4.5/ contained the wrong version numbers in some places and did not reflect the exact 1.4.5 release.

This has been corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience.

RSBAC 1.4.5

Friday, 20/August/2010

RSBAC 1.4.5 has been released for the kernel

Starting from 1.4.5 onwards, RSBAC is also available through a smaller, and faster to decompress LZMA archive (.xz files), as well as providing SHA256 sum files for verification.

Most Important changes since 1.4.4:

  • New release tool in rsbac-misc (rrel)
  • Fixed compilation with newer libtool
  • New rsbac_usershow option to list users with full name or with shell
  • More UM tool options work with multiple users given on the command line
  • Fixed symlink redirection to return the same sizes with a stat() or readlink() calls (this fixes dpkg assertion issues on newer versions of dpkg)
  • Fixed FS object hiding in most cases - but this feature is still experimental
  • Big DAZ code cleanup
  • Reworked and switched to a own list of slabs for RSBAC‘s memory allocation
  • And of course, many other bug fixes

The complete lists of changes are available here:

RSBAC 1.4.4

Thurday, 22/April/2010

RSBAC 1.4.4 has been released for the kernel

We have recently converted all the RSBAC project to use GIT as main version control system (instead of SVN+SVK). This make things more simple as the upstream kernel is also managed by GIT. The SVN depots are still available, but not up to date and will not be updated anymore.

Please use the GitWeb interface to view the project progress, commit, source code, or download snapshots of the versions in development (see the sidebar)

Most Important changes since 1.4.3:

  • pam_rsbac: check old password before asking for new one
  • Fix RC check for CREATE right on new objects.
  • Backport rsbac_read_open() and rsbac_read_close() fixes from 1.5.
  • Cleanup the release process
  • And of course, many small bug fixes

The complete lists of changes are available here:

OpenSource patches

Thursday, 3/Dec/2009

m-privacy GmbH, the main company funding RSBAC development has opened a new open source website, containing patches and packages for various projects, which you might find interesting.

Specially, you can currently find a few security related patches:

  • Bind9: Disable forwarding for TXT records (against DNS tunneling)
  • OpenSSH: Control access for port forwarding only to specific hosts and ports
  • TigerVNC: Enforce configuration parameters, TLS support
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