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Git/Snapshot: 1.5.3
Release: 1.5.0

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Produced after each commit or rebase to new upstream version

RSBAC source code, can be unstable sometimes

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/* type: will just show that string before printing
 * hash: well, the hash! ;)
int rsbac_show_hash(char *type, char *hash)
        char *p;
        int x, len = 0;
        p = rsbac_kmalloc(100);
        for(x=0; x<RSBAC_UM_PASS_LEN;x++)
                len += sprintf(p+len, "0x%x", hash[x]);
        rsbac_printk(KERN_INFO "hash %s: %s\n", type, p);
        return 0;

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