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Stable: 1.5.0

  • 4.4.y

Patched kernels
Includes vanilla kernel with the RSBAC patch

  • 4.4.20
  • 4.4.21

Latest diffs
Produced after each commit or rebase to new upstream version

Enhanced kernels
Combined patches with RSBAC and PaX, less well tested

External RSBAC+PaX
Maintained by m-privacy

RSBAC source code, can be unstable sometimes

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No events planned


I’m sorry to say my work and real life are eating up nearly all my time... I can’t work much more on writing some docs :/

You can find the last draft at


I’m still watching RSBAC‘s evolution, but from some distance...

[obsolete] I’m going to write a documentation about system security use cases and how they could be applied using RSBAC.

[obsolete] I’ll also work on a tool to produce policy files usable by Peter’s scheme tool.


  • e-mail : frealek * myra, homelinux, net
  • GnuPG Key : gnupg


Please see drafts


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