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Git/Snapshot: 1.5.3
Release: 1.5.0

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Produced after each commit or rebase to new upstream version

RSBAC source code, can be unstable sometimes

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RSBAC is in constant development.

We are currently trying to extend to Linux distributions, integrate to other solutions (like Xen or VServer), provide new tools (policy management) and use community standard tools (git, ...).

Port to other kernels (OpenBSD, FreeBSD ?) is of course also welcome.

Work in progress can be tracked by using our Todo page or the linked RSS feed.

Regular announces about new releases are made on the mailing list, and often available for download in the preversions section. Also check the Releases side bar.

Finally, feel free to contact us on IRC if you want to help us out. Our full source tree is available through anonymous read access.

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