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Conventions Used

This Handbook is a best effort to follow the same layout and conventions thorough your reading.

Mainly, suggestions are in italic, and important notes are in bold. Do not miss the important points.

Note: The dog want to have a walk outside.

Important: Remember to finish the handbook before the sky falls.

As the bottom of each page you will find links to the table of contents, previous page, next page, and sometimes an alternative next page. The latter case only exist if you have a special choice to make. If the next page is also a new chapter, you will be told so.

Every technical word should be linked to a related Wikipedia entry.

Shell, command line actions as shown as follows:

# echo "Hello, World!"

Please respect the heading levels. Level 5 has a special style and is generally not used.

For more information, please see the wiki formatting syntax reference.

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