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RSBAC maintenance might get complex when you are installing new packages everyday. On a secure system, we recommand that you test and evaluate packages, and decide on a reduced set of packages and software that will be the best for you.

But even once this choice has been made, you will still have to deal with software updates, for bug fixes or simply functionality upgrades. When doing this, even with an adequate policy for the package manager, you will still have to deal with the fact that some files will be overwritten and will lose every RSBAC setting.

The most simple solution is to create regular backups of your policy and re-apply it, after carefully checking that your policy for the new package is still valid.

The other case, where you will need some manual maintenance is during RSBAC upgrades. When upgrading to a newer version, RSBAC may cover new areas or change the way some things were previously working. To be sure that you miss nothing and that your system runs properly, we keep a list of the specific changes that might change your configuration at each new release.

Both backup and upgrade are covered in the next chapters.

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