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Backup and Restore

The RSBAC administration tools include special flags to backup the policy. For convenience, we provided a script calling every tool of every module with the appropriate backup flags. However, when speed matters, you will want to edit this script and only backup the modules you actually use, and maybe edit some of the backup paths.

To backup every RSBAC setting, run the backup_all script.

# backup_all > rsbac-backup_$(date +%F)

The created file is a bourne shell compatible script, that can be run directly to restore the settings.

# sh ./rsbac-backup_2007-10-10

This script can also be run on other machines for replication, if the installed operating system is identical. If not, you will have to make adjustements, but this can be a good starting point if you are planning to create a similar RSBAC policy.

Note: You might get various RSBAC errors, like RSBAC_EEXIST while running the restore script. This is normal, as the RSBAC attributes already exist on the machine you just made a backup for :)

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