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The RSBAC project was started by Amon Ott as his master thesis during 1996-97.

When it started, RSBAC‘s aim was to bring a standard framework for access control on Linux, that anyone could use to implement their security models. However, RSBAC has been its own best contributor of security modules over time.

In January 2000, RSBAC (version 1.0.9a) has been considered stable for use in a production environment. Since some years, it is used as the flagship product from m-privacy, and a few other companies.

In 2003 and 2006, m-privacy‘s solution has been certified by ULD.

In 2005, a firewall solution based on RSBAC has been certified by the common criterias as EAL4+.

Some Linux distributions, like Adamantix, Gentoo and Mandriva are now shipping RSBAC as their main or optional kernels.

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